bundle 04 / 1 z shelf s + 3 line hooks


bundle 04 / 1 z shelf s + 3 line hooks

two of our bestsellers combined as a one-colour-bundle. z shelves and also the line hooks are most simple and designed to highlight what it is carrying or bring a hint of extra colour into your room, for example your corridor, bathroom or as a spice rack in the kitchen etc.
you can choose out of the following colours and sizes, mix and match your combination.

!!! our concept is to launch and replace new colours throughout a year. it is possible that the colours on the pictures may differ from the current colours. perhaps some colours shown on the image are not available anymore !!!

please let us now, during checkout, which colours you choose:

z shelf s:
black, caramel, leaf green, grey, rose, white, pure red, midnight blue, mint

line hook s
white, midnight blue, mint, black, grey

line hook m
black, grey, white, pure red, midnight blue, browngreen, mint, rose

line hook l
black, grey, white, rose

bundle includes 1 z shelf +1 line hook s + 1 linehook m
 + 1 linehook l

material powder coated steel 

size 40 x 10 cm, line hook S 6 cm, M 11 cm
, L 17 cm

manufactured in germany

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